I want to make one thing perfectly, crystalline clear: I don’t care what you believe.

If you want to believe that the entire universe was created 500 years ago when a magical purple manatee shat it out while swimming through the Æther, fantastic. You go ahead. I hope it brings you much happiness.

Here’s what I actually care about:

  • You accept that your individual successes and failures are strongly related to the communities in which you live, work, and play
  • You take tangible action to help those in need
  • You use whatever privilege you have (earned or unearned) to help those less fortunate than yourself
  • You make an effort to adopt and follow a rational code of ethics
  • You respect and value a diversity of being, ideas, backgrounds, and cultures

If your love for the magical purple manatee motivates you to do the above, yay for you. I’m glad you found a way of processing the world that helps make you a good person. But the moment your love for the magical purple manatee becomes more important than being a good person who does good things, you fail humanity.

So, again: I don’t care what you believe, but dammit, I care what you do with it.